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OurVLE2 Training NOW ON!!
by OurVLE Administrator - Tuesday, 13 August 2013, 10:40 AM

It’s not too late. OurVLE2 training is now going on for the Mona campus and Western Jamaica Campus this week and next week respectively; August 12 - 15 and August 20 - 22. Come and find out :

  • About current educational technologies
  • More about the new version of OurVLE
  • How to utilize OurVLE to better support your teaching objectives
  • How to better utilize OurVLE to maintain communication with fellow lecturers and students.
  • Amongst much more

Please visit THIS LINK to get more information and register.
These sessions are for lecturers and administrative staff only.

VLE Administrator

August 13, 2013

Link Details: http://ourvle2.mona.uwi.edu/course/view.php?id=653

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